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Spots Left: -310


AMZ Snagger
Product Research Simplified

AMZ SNAGGER is a revolutionary product research dropshipping Software That places winning products at your fingertips with a click of a button. Forget about the days of scrolling through hundred of amazon categories in the hopes of finding a winning product and missing out on the things we value most, FAMILY!

You now have your very own personal bot doing all the leg work for you while you sleep. Simply Wake up in the morning go through your results page pick the winning products you feel comfortable with, find a profitable supplier and list.

Spend less time looking for the money and more time making money.

Simplify AMaZon Dropshiping

Dropshipping is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs to start with because it’s accessible With dropshipping, you can quickly test different business ideas with limited downside, which lets you learn a lot about how to choose and market in-demand products.

Product research for Dropshipping is at times made complicated and this turns down a lot of potential sellers in this amazing field, where there is so much room for growth.

Product research has been simplified:

Before - 8-10 hrs/day

Now - 1-2 hrs/day on autopilot

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How We Do It?
Step 1
Automated Product Research

AMZ Snagger was birthed from the perspective of an amazon dropshipper. After months of grinding it out, putting in 100hr weeks looking for winning products and being able to scale into a 6 figure store. We knew that product research was an issue and it needed to be simplified.

No one believed it could be done but we always did. So we got to work and designed YOU a bot from the mind of an amazon dropshipper.

We designed a proprietary algorithm that mines, scrapes, sorts and filters winning products for you on autopilot. So that you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Now we want you to experience what we experienced: The redemption of our time!

Sort Through Qualified Products

We Designed The App To Filter And Weed Out The Diamonds In The Rough. This Has Virtually Never Been Done Before, Since We Ourselves are Dropshippers We Knew Exactly What The Amazon Dropshipping Community Wanted To Experience.

Sorting Options like: price, category, sellers on listings, buyBox Eligibility and the potential for profit

The most exciting part of this all, is that you are able to download all of the Winning products that are profitable and export them as a CSV.

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Step 2
Step 3
Find Reliable Suppliers

Now That You have all of the winning Products that match the dropshipping criteria. its time to find reputable and reliable suppliers that can deliver the product to your customers in a timely and secure manner, The app was designed with this in mind.

After Filitering out all of the winning products for you we provide links to all of the recommended suppliers so that you can verify if it’s a winning and profitable product.

This is where the products are converted into profits.

List Products in Your Store

After finding a profitable supplier and verifying they have enough inventory for your demand. The fun begins!

It’s time to add your winning products onto your store listing.

Simply add to Amazon store from app , Price The Item Competitively And Watch Amazon Drive All The Traffic!

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Step 4
Step 5
Process Orders and Profit

The moment has finally arrived.

This is what you have been waiting for, you’ve listed your products to your store and have downloaded the amazon sellers app on your phone then you hear the most beautiful sound “Ding”, you’ve made your first sale.

Time to process the order and rack in the profits. Get used to this sound because it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

Now you’ve Entered The Realm of Passive Income.

Welcome to the show!

Check out these results from one of my stores
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Spots Left: -310
Limited Access Only 1,000 users

We Are Live And Will Only Be Accepting 1000 Users Reserve Your Spot Get In While You Can And Experience AMZ Snagger.

Only The First 1,000 People That Sign Up Right Now And Become An Early Adopter Of This Amazing Opportunity. Will be issued Access keys.

We Want You To Win. If You Win, We Win.

It's simple.

Join The Movement!

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I understand that when i act now i get instant access to
AMZ Snagger
Which Includes:
  • Filtering Winning Products
  • Easy detection of products that don't meet amazons dropshipping criteria
  • Confidence to scale your amazon listing rapidly
  • Avoiding amazon suspensions for listing products that don't meet the criteria
i also understand that when
I act Now,
I also get
Unlimited Upgrades
Unlimited Winning Products
Exclusive Recommended Supplier List
Redemption of time
Here's Why you must grab
AMZ Snagger
Unlimited Automated Product Research
Scrape Through Multiple Amazon Categories
Export Winning Products To CSV
Winning Product Sorting & Filtering
Grandfathered Price Locking
Unlimited updates & upgrades
professional staff & responsive support
100% Guaranteee

If AMZ SNAGGER Doesn't Automate Product Research...And If Doesn't Give You Access To Unlimited Winning Products That Meet The Amazon Dropshipping Criteria So Focus On Other Aspects Of Your Business And Save Time...

Of If It Fails To Gelp Me Have Access To Exclusive Recommended Suppliers, Then I Understand That I Will Receieve A Full Refund, No Questions Asked!

I Understand That The Regular Price For All Of This Is $127 / Month...

But, When I Act Now, As an early adopter, I Get Everything For Only $97/Month!

Cheers To Your Success
Louis Prez

P.S. - Every Minute You Wait to get "AMZ Snagger" Its another minute you will spend 10hrs doing product research.

Put the power of "AMZ Snagger" To work for you so you can quickly and easily automate product research

Focus on other aspects of the business and save time with product research, and have access to exclusive suppliers!

Don't just take my word for it...Take a Look at these
From Happy Amazon Dropshippers Just like you!

Amz Snagger Is A Revolutionary Product Research Dropshipping Software That Places Winning Products At Your Fingertips With A Click Of A Button. Forget About The Days Of Scrolling Through Hundred Of Amazon Categories In The Hopes Of Finding A Winning Product And Missing Out On The Things We Value Most, Family!

The software gets you direct exposure to winning products by filtering out all products based on the dropshipping criteria to avoid suspensions, lost of time and money

AMZ Snagger is a great solution for anybody interested in finding winning products to list on there amazon store without needing to spend hours and hours looking for products.

Not at all when used as instructed! We’ve worked hard to ensure that our filters our top notch and match you with products that are low risk and will yeild maximum profit.

Yes, Completely! You don’t need any special designing skills or technical experience to work with AMZ Snagger and as part of the AMZ Snagger dropshipping course we have included step-by-step video tutorials to get you going in no time.

Unlimited – you can run unlimited searches for winning products. There are no restrictions from our side.

AMZ Snagger Log-In Details, Internet Connection, Google Chrome Browser, Windows Or MacOS Computer And An Active Amazon Seller Account.

Yes, AMZ Snagger is a Web Application so it doesn’t matter what operating system or the device you’re using. AMZ Snagger is easy to use and works seamlessly, with both Mac and PC every time. All you need is a web browser.

Yes! AMZ Snagger is super easy to use, but if you face any issue ever, we’re right here. Send an email to our support desk and we’ll help you ASAP.

As soon as you purchase our innovative tool, we’ll create an account for, generate you a strong password and you’ll receive an email with your membership link, API key and where to download the extension with log-in credentials.

That all depends on how much time you are currently investing in finding winning products at the moment. On average we have seen users save upwards of 5 hours and more.

Get The Most Comprehensive program to create, run, and scale your amazon store to 6 figures
AMZ Snagger App
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What's Included
  • Full Sized Colored 46 Page EBook
  • Amazon Business Set - (Value $597)
  • Live Amazon Seller High Income Challenge (Value $397)
  • Exclusive 7 - Figure Entrepreneur Community
  • Mastermind and Live Events
  • TOTAL VALUE: $994

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