Who will mint the founder?

0.609 ETH


What Is

AMZ SNAGGER is an exclusive NFT Amazon Software powered by AI technology designed to accelerate your amazon sales.


Exclusive community with 7 figure entrepreneurs


15 - 25% Profit Margin on every sale


Mentorship with wealth strategist


VIP access to private events around the world


Use your NFT as an Alternate Asset Class

By owning an AMZ SNAGGER NFT you have rights to our proprietary technology there are only 300 in existence. Our supply is low and demand is high. If you ever reach a point where you are satisfied with our Amazon Automation service you can off load your Asset on opensea.

Become one of the Exclusive

STEP - 01

Set up your wallet

Make sure you have metamask

STEP - 02


Once you've minted the NFT you now have full access to our proprietary technology

STEP - 03


In order to access the private community and software you need the NFT

STEP - 04

Digital Asset

Be mindful if you sell your NFT you will lose access

Utility X Collectibility

This is the first Saas NFt ever dropped! We have changed the way softwares launch products, us being the first to ever do it in the space makes your NFT a rare collectible your part of history!

Neo Neon I
Neo Neon II
Neo Neon III
Neo Neon IV
Neo Neon V
Neo Neon VI


300 NFTS

Mint Rare = Free V2 & Amazon Automation

Early Access

Exclusive community/ V2

VIP Events

Entrepreneur events with world renown speakers

VIP membership perks

Amazon. Store must produce 100k per month


Investors & Partners


This will answer any questions you have happy snagging

Amz Snagger Is an exclusive Revolutionary Amazon Product Research Software powered by AI technology that locates all the hottest winning products on Amazon and generates listings for you completely hands free.

The software gets you direct exposure to winning products. We have all the data points and know all the trends. Our proprietary technology knows what sells on a day to day basis.

AMZ Snagger is a great solution for Amazon E-commerce Entrepreneurs  interested in finding winning products to list on their amazon store without needing to spend hours and hours looking for products.

Not at all our AI technology has been studying amazon listings for over three years and knows exactly what listings to generate for you. 

It understands that the security of your amazon business is its number 1 priority.

Yes, Completely! You don’t need any special designing skills or technical experience to work with AMZ Snagger and as part of the AMZ Snagger exclusive community we have a Free Amazon Masterclass by Ecommbulldog that goes over all the ins and outs on selling on Amazon.

Unlimited –However our AI Technology will only list 3 per day. You may continue to list at your discretion.

AMZ Snagger Log-In Details, Internet Connection, Google Chrome Browser, Windows Or MacOS Computer And An Active Amazon Seller Account.

Yes, AMZ Snagger is a Web Application so it doesn’t matter what operating system or the device you’re using. AMZ Snagger is easy to use and works seamlessly, with both Mac and PC every time. All you need is a web browser.

Yes! AMZ Snagger is super easy to use, but if you face any issue ever, we’re right here. Send an email to our support desk and we’ll help you ASAP.

As soon as you purchase our NFT, we’ll create an account for you and you will be able to connect your store to V2.

That all depends on how much time you are currently investing in finding winning products at the moment. On average we have seen users save upwards to weeks money we always get back however time is the most valuable asset.